Joe Biden Still Doesn’t Understand the Point of Medicare For All

Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee for the party, as painful as it is to admit. There are a number of factors for this: mediocre youth turnout, the massive generational divide, and -most importanly, I feel – the massive weight that was thrown behind him by the DNC and the mainstream media.

However, ever since he all but secured the nomination, Joe Biden has made himself scarce. In a time of major crisis, the presumptive nominee has all but disappeared from the discourse. When he does appear, he gives bungled, meandering statements and talks up arguably the worst decision of the Obama adminsitration.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, is still pressing his campaign for the nomination. However, he has diverted a great deal of time, energy, and financial resources to fighting for important causes related to the fallout from COVID-19.

In other words, while both men are running for president, only one of them is truly behaving like one.

Joe Biden Is Still Against Medicare For All

He said as much during the last debate. And after a report came out about a woman paying nearly $35,000 for treatment, Joe Biden still doesn’t think a massive overhaul is the priority.

According to ABC News, Joe Biden said:

We have a whole number of hospitals that are being stretched, including rural hospitals, that are going to need more financing. That doesn’t come from a single-payer system. That comes from the federal government stepping up and dealing with the concerns that they have…

– Joe Biden on Medicare For All

Not only is this response a vague platitude with no concrete solution, it is also a quasi endorsement of M4A. What does Joe Biden think the federal government’s intervention would look like? If the government funds hospitals and covers treatment, what is that called?

Joe Biden does believe that treatment for COVID-19 should be free. That is, if his Twitter account is to be believed (hint: it’s not).

It’s sad to see someone like Joe Biden as the nominee, but it is also not surprising. Like Hillary Clinton before him, he is emblematic of the corporatism and is only held up by vague platitudes with no political commitments and nostalgia for the Obama days.

NOTE: I haven’t been writing much lately. Been trying to spend some time with my family in all of this. I will try to post more, though. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Medium for more shenanigans and insights.

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