The Case for Bernie Sanders

This likely doesn’t come as a surprise, but Bernie Sanders is the presidential candidate officially endorsed by Midwest Progressive. No other candidate has done more to fight for workers and the progressive values this country so desperately needs.

You’ve likely heard of Bernie Sanders by now, and you probably get the gist of what he is about. However, many don’t know just how extraordinary Bernie’s values are and how significantly they would reshape the system.

He isn’t perfect by any means, but he is the best choice and a genuine fighter for the needs of working families.

Here is a short list of what makes Bernie Sanders such a significant candidate:

He Is The Only Candidate Fighting For Medicare For All

Healthcare is the #1 priority for many voters in this election cycle, and many are looking to Democratic hopefuls to further reform our broken healthcare system.

A lot of candidates this campaign season paid lip service to M4A, which is in and of itself a major step forward from 2016. That shift is because of Bernie Sanders.

However, Bernie doesn’t just pay lip service. Nor does he cave and promote weaker options that protect health insurance companies (like a public-option would). Instead, Senator Sanders has the single most comprehensive healthcare plan that cuts costs while also delivering healthcare free at the point of service.

I’ll go over the benefits of M4A at a later date. The more important issue is Bernie’s consistency in fighting for it. His messaging on healthcare has been the same for years, and he is the only candidate to maintain that consistency.

Kamala Harris initially supported M4A (she was the first to co-sponsor Bernie’s bill), then quickly retracted her support shorty after the first 2019 primary debate. She has since dropped out of the race, and I’m sure those two facts are in no way correlated.

Pete Buttigieg also gave lip service to M4A, but (unlike how some progressive commentators might present it) he never formally endorsed Bernie’s version of M4A.

Even Elizabeth Warren, the other progressive candidate, has walked back on how she would approach M4A, waiting until her 3rd year to introduce a bonafide M4A bill.

Why does this matter? Because the reality is, Republicans will oppose any improvement on the healthcare system, no matter what the changes are. They will fight a public option or tweaks on the ACA just as fiercely as they would fight M4A. They fought Obama for years on the Affordable Care Act, even trying to upend it after it was passed.

The problem? The ACA was largely influenced by the Republican health care bill introduced in the 90s as an alternative to the push for universal coverage. They literally fought against their own ideas.

So anyone saying Republicans would come to the table to discuss a public option are living in a fantasy world. The only way to deliver healthcare – not coverage, care – to every American is with a bold universal program. And that program has to be represented by someone who will fight for it.

That person is, and always has been, Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Has The Most Comprehensive Plans On Every Major Issue

Elizabeth Warren gained traction early in this race with her slogan, “I have plan for that.”

The candidate with the most comprehensive plans, though, is actually Bernie Sanders. Obviously, he has a detailed M4A plan, but he also has major plans for criminal justice reform, climate change, tax reforms for the ultra-rich, housing for all, marijuana legalization, and the list goes on and on.

It isn’t just that he has these plans, either. Most of the candidates have plenty of articles outlining their view of tackling America’s major problems. Some of them are fine and decent steps forward. Others are platitudes. But when it comes to true, structural reforms, Bernie is the only candidate looking to reshape the system.

Take criminal justice. Most candidates want to at least decriminalize marijuana, as well as invest in programs to help with “criminal justice reform.” Almost none of them address the private prison system. Benie does. His plan includes:

  • Ending the war on drugs.
  • Ending the private prison system.
  • Expunging the records of non-violent drug offenders.
  • Create a “Prisoners’ Bill of Rights.”
  • Hold police officers accountable for negligent and unlawful conduct.
  • Banning facial recognition technology.

You can read all about this plan (and many, many others) on his website. What you will notice about them is they are not half-measures. They are fully realized, deeply restructured plans that will help tackle racism, misogyny, and classism in an effective and straight forward manner.

Bernie has been talking about many of these ideas for years, and has remained consistent on all of them. If you want a candidate who understands the plight of America’s struggles and has a plan to solve them, Bernie Sanders is the candidate for you.

Bernie Sanders Has The Momentum

A big argument you will hear against Bernie Sanders is electability. Yeah, his plans sound nice. Yeah, he has a strong online presence. But will people show up to vote for him?

The short answer: yes, they will.

Bernie gathers larger crowds than any other candidate. He outraises every candidate without fundraisers or donations from billionaires. He has the most donations of any candidate at this point in a presidential race. He has the largest and most diverse coalition of any candidate in the field.

He’s polling #1 in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

And, most importantly, he beats Donald Trump in nearly every poll. Not only that, but his margin of victory in those polls is going up. He is the only candidate with that type of data to back him up.

Putting someone like Joe Biden up against Donald Trump is a guaranteed loss. He is representative of a neoliberal establishment that has failed the working class for forty years. In order to defeat Donald Trump, we have to fight him with new ideas. A new vision. A vision that inspires and creates a movement.

Bernie Sanders has built that movement, and he is gaining more momentum every single day.


The Sanders campaign is not a return to normal, and it isn’t just about defeating Donald Trump. Sanders’ movement is about understanding that there are deep, structural problems in America. And to make this country truly great, the way it was designed to be, those problems must be tackled with massive and revolutionary plans.

Sanders’ campaign is about bringing millions of people together across races, genders, and creeds to make something that works for all of us. When we all unite together and fight for something better, we will make those necessary changes.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign – hell, his whole career – has never been about him. It has been about us.

And together, we can make it happen.

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