What is “Midwest Progressive”

Hello, and welcome to Midwest Progressive. You may be wondering what this is all about? Why is there another political blog popping up? What value can it have?

Let me explain. I grew up in a working class family (the son of a cop and a nurse). Through those years, I saw my parents work insanely hard, only to scrape by.

I saw them clam up and worry as the housing market collapsed and the Great Recession began. I watched as Washington bailed out big banks and Wall Street, but did nothing to help working people like my parents, neighbors, and friends.

I watched Republicans manipulate and control constituencies through LGBTQ and women’s health issues.

I grew up in perpetual warfare, a failing healthcare system, and stagnating wages.

I also watched as Democrats caved to pressure on nearly every issue they presented.

With the 2020 Democratic Primary in full-swing, I decided now is the time to speak out. As mainstream media continues to show their colors and as centrist candidates pose an existential threat to progressive ideas, now is the time to make an impact.

The goal of this blog is not to shout from a soapbox, bash the right (though there will be plenty of that), or virtue signal. Instead, this is an education resource: making the case for major progressive issues like Medicare For All, free public tuition, and ending the endless wars. These ideas will supported by real data and hard facts, not feelings.

Yes, these are my opinions, but they are ones backed by evidence.

All of that being said, this is also not a safe space for all ideas. I will not only make the case for progressive proposals, but I will also make the case against ideologies, institutions, and individuals who oppose them. This includes right-wing grifters like Ben Shapiro and faux progressives like Pete Buttigieg.

This blog isn’t designed just for leftists. I invite people across the political spectrum to read and engage with the content. Many pundits believe in a black and white dichotomy, that there is only the left and right.

The reality is most Americans agree on many of the issues we will discuss here, and there is more common ground than those in power would let on.

Over the next several years, I aim to create a community that is informed, engaged, and – most importantly – motivated to fight for real changes in this country. Changes that improve the lives of millions of people, that make the billionaires and elites pay their fair share, and that make us all a safer and healthier nation.

Centrists will tell you that the way to restore America is to “get back to normal” and learn to be kind again. This is not the case. To restore America, we will have to fight for it. The age of civility is over.

We will have to fight on every major issue: from healthcare reform to climate change. We have to fight to radically change this country from the ground up, and it is only when that fight is done that we can truly heal.

That fight begins here. It begins now.


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